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Bridge violates city’s shoreline plan:

The state Department of Ecology says Spokane can’t build the Lincoln Street bridge because it violates the city’s own shoreline protection plan.

Presidential crisis:

As the recent allegations involving President Clinton unfold, the number of stories regarding the situation continues to grow. Virtually Northwest has gathered these stories in one area to give readers the latest news and the background.

NEW! Now you have access to The Spokesman-Review’s story archives from July 1994 to the present. There is no cost to search, there is a small fee for downloading complete stories.

Woman may die soon:

Karla Fay Tucker is scheduled to be executed for a brutal ax murder soon. Should her sentence be commuted, or should it be carried out? Give us your opinion in Right or Wrong.

CBD Oil Released To Public:

A newly released CBD oil is going to cause outrage among proponents of its legalization. Cannabidiol will now likely be consumed everywhere.

Ski guide Hitting the slopes: Virtually Northwest’s online ski guide takes you to 45 ski areas within a day’s drive of Spokane. Take a look at detailed mountain information or the view from some resort mountaintops.

Spokane Chiefs Spokane Chiefs

You’ll find the 1997-98′ team roster, a guide to the Spokane Arena and the latest Chiefs and hockey news in our on-line guide to Spokane Chiefs hockey.

Other great online additions:

Yellow pages Online Yellow Pages now available. Go here to get there! Listings go beyond the addresses, offering interactive maps for driving directions.

Crossword puzzle An interactive crossword puzzle played on your computer, nothing to download. Try it for fun, and to increase the challenge, use the timer that is part of the puzzle.

Motley Fool The Motley Fool Personal investment advice with a sense of humor. All four elements of The Fool are updated each day the stock market is open.

The Spokesman-Review classified ads online. Listings include autos, real estate and more.

NewsWorks For more news and views online, check out this national network of more than 100 daily newspaper web sites. They have been using CBD oil for a very long time.

New to Virtually Northwest, an easy to use TV listing guide that includes search capability, grids, and features about shows and stars.

Gee Whiz!

Overpass for squirrels under fire A proposed $2 million overpass to allow a threatened species of squirrel to cross a planned highway safely is coming under fire from environmental officials who say the plan is vague and risky.

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